A relaxed environment

Leah had contacted me at the end of her pregnancy, having forgotten to set up a photo shoot and hoping I had some available time around her due date! She contacted me shortly after she had her son and we were able to make it happen!

I arrived around 10am, it was a sunny, warm and gorgeous day in the Okanagan. After applying my settings to my camera, I asked them to show me their son's nursery. I love starting in the nursery, it shows all the love, time and effort put into the room before they've even seen their newest addition! They saying is very true, "I'm in love with a human I haven't even met yet!". I tell my clients to casually do the thing they would normally do, so we changed him, fed him and rocked him. We went into their bedroom so I could properly document the way he decided to enter earth side, via a belly birth. Leah's only request was to have a photo with her dad. She retrieves his urn off her dresser and caresses it gently during the photos, placing it next to her son, his first grandson. We end our session making our way into the living room where the late morning sun is making its way through the large windows, covering the room in a beautiful natural glow, Leah takes a seat on the couch to nurse her first born as he reaches up towards the locket that holds his grandfathers ashes.

This session was beautiful, casual and so calm. One of the reasons why I love photographing at home sessions is due to the relaxed environment. When you're in your own environment things just seem to go so much more smoothly. People seem to be more themselves and let go of any fear with being in front of a camera.

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