Documentary & Lifestyle Photography

Goal $2000   Amount Reached: $825


Jill                         $100

Uncle Jack             $100

Susan                    $50

Nana M                 $225

Best Friend            $75

Husband                $300

Lisa                       $25

Auntie Helen          $25

Hi! Welcome to Samples' Gift Registry! 

In lieu of gifts she has decide a contribution towards Birth Photography is what she would like!  Thank you for helping her reach her goal!

*If making a donation anonymously please let me know! 

Clicking the CONTRIBUTE button will take you to a sample page on how to pay.  You will have your own Registry under your name found on the top left.  Once you've opened your Gift you'll click the Buy photo or the Shopping basket icon where it will then ask what denomination you'd like to purchase.  After choosing your amount the site will direct you to Paypal.

Sample Registry