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​Photography became more than just a hobby for me more than 6 years ago when a girl friend of mine started using me exclusively for all her photography needs.  She began hanging my photos proudly on her walls, printing them for gifts, using them on birth announcements, Christmas cards and referring others to me!  It felt nice to be complimented on something that you truly enjoy! 

When I met my husband, he had a 'decent' camera that I would use for fun.  Even he noticed something in the way I took a picture,  I captured a moment...I stuck with the classics, maternity, friends and family photo sessions until a little over a year ago when I became pregnant with our second girl!  That's when I was introduced to something that would change my outlook on photography forever! I ended up having a birth photographer at our birth at the Vernon Jubilee Hospital and saw the amazing beauty, subtle details and raw emotion behind it.  I was hooked.

With my photographers guidance, experience and support I dove straight in! Head first! .... No pun intended ;) ~

​​C. Daisy Birth & Lifestyle Photography


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